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The Characteristics of an Energy-Efficient Water Heater

So much is heard in the news, conversation and on television about more energy-efficient products but what does this mean? The average citizen does not know much about their water heater and we are all guilty of taking this luxury for granted. But there is no denying that this little luxury comes with a large price tag. The energy consumption on older water heaters is quite hefty when compared to the newer models.

Let’s look at key features of an energy efficient water heater to help you choose the best efficient water heater in UAE.

Energy-Efficiency - What Does it Mean?

You might be hearing a lot of words that sound very good but not understand what the implications are in the context of a water heater. Efficiency usually refers to speed but that is not the only factor in this definition. While the newer water heater models do heat water faster than their older counterparts, the ‘efficiency’ is referring to efficient consumption. Where older water units were less resource-conscious, the newer models are designed and constructed around ensuring the more efficient use of the energy source.

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

With better energy consumption comes a saving in costs. If you are using less electricity or gas to power the water heater it is only logical that you will be saving money. This is one of the most attractive qualities of an energy-efficient water heater. Water heaters are one of the largest consumers of energy in the household, especially if you have a large family. But, with a more efficient model, you can drastically reduce your monthly costs.

High Insulation

One of the largest downfalls of the standard water heater technology is that they were not designed to retain their heat very well. This means that the water heater has to use more energy to keep the water hot while it has not been used. The newer water heaters are fitted with better insulation to make sure that once the heat is in, it will not escape as fast. By not having to reheat as often you will save on energy!

Smart Water Heater

Some modern water heaters have very smart designs: they only heat the water when you need it. An example of such a system is the tankless or on-demand system. With no storage tank, this design heats the water when the tap is opened. With no tank, there is also no water to keep hot. Therefore, you only pay for the energy used to heat the water when you need it.

Smart Water Heater‚Äč

Long Lasting

Apart from the obvious cost-saving ability, energy-efficient water heaters also place less strain on the environment by virtue that they are using fewer resources to operate. These modern designs also have a longer lifespan than the older units in which they can operate for up to ten years longer. So, if you are looking for a water heater that will last longer, use less energy and do its part for the environment; the energy-efficient units are the way to go.

The best water heaters Dubai are those which are affordable, dependable and energy efficient.