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Requirements to Become a St Kitts and Nevis Citizen

With rules and regulations getting stricter day by day, it is getting harder to get a dual citizenship. The requirements, paperwork and conditions make the whole process gruesome and most people tend to avoid it. But few nations like St Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean islands, still exist where getting a citizenship is still easy. Ranked as the second easiest obtainable passport and its investment citizenship program having a history of 30 years, the two islands provide dual citizenship. Read on to understand how you can obtain a St Kitts passport.

Make an Investment or Donation

As with other increasing nations, candidates can choose between donating or investing in land to obtain St Kitts and Nevis citizenship. This policy's idea is to boost the domestic economy and increase money inflows. A payment of 250,000 US$ towards the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation is one option. The money provided is used in facilitation of the laborers who have become unemployed due to industrialization. The second option will require more cash investment because property prices are higher. But since property is a personal asset, the money invested can be restored by renting out or re-selling after 5 years.

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Have a High Net Worth

The St Kitts and Nevis citizenship procedure requires high net worth. Alongside the initial donation or investment, applicant must have ample financial resources to bear the additional expenses. The cost estimated per applicant is 7500 US$ which will hike up with each additional family member. Donations to SDIF will also depend on the family size. The government authorities reassure whether the applicant is stable financially and able to afford the lifestyle without any dependence or public assistance after the application expenses are covered. For this formal bank statements are required to verify the net worth.

No Criminal Records

Citizenship candidates are screened for their past criminal record. Applicants are supposed to submit a police clearance certificate of current 6 months at least. The criteria for US citizens are FBI clearance. St Kitts and Nevis provides a visa free passport so rigorous checks are carried out. No trouble makers will ever be provided a passport. A prospective resident who has some kind of record of visa rejection or criminal offence are likely to fail the application process.

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Apply through a Licensed Agent

It is impossible to process citizenship application without a Licensed Local Lawyer. The lawyer is the key person conducting all negotiations on the applicant’s behalf to the government. Application fee for citizenship process is not accessible without a local lawyer. These lawyers will charge additional fees for their services along with regular application charges. Your hired lawyer also known as immigration attorney will help in securing work permits, visas, passports, and often guidance in property related issues.

Should Have No Health Problems

The government of St Kitts and Nevis require applicants to pass their standards of health. Or it can be said that they will not accept the application if the person of concern is a carrier of a disease. The application process will only be proceeded if the applicant can show a recent certificate of medical clearance from a doctor and HIV test result not older than 3 months. HIV test is compulsory for all aged 5 and above.