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Posture Perfecting Exercises

The correct posture can do wonders for you and help keep your bones and joints healthy, make you look slimmer, and decrease any abnormal wearing of joints. However, the perfect shape doesn’t mean only sitting or standing straight. It also means that you should have strong muscles that help you in supporting your body. And if you are looking for guidance then Symmetry Gym Dubai is just the place for you. Five basic exercises that help in improving your posture are as follows:

First and foremost, before you perform any exercise you must always start with warming up exercises. The best warm-up workout is arm circles. Ideally, being by stretching hands, which will help you, in turn, stretch out the core muscles as well and make them strong. After that, rotate arms. Repeat on both sides in both forward and backward directions.

Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row

Begin by assuming the downward dog position with knees placed on a bench or chair seat. Now keep one arm in front of the left knee and stretch the right leg from the waist down. To maintain equilibrium try maintaining the elbows as close to the upper body as possible when pulling the weight forward.

Backward Plan

Backward plank or most commonly known as the Reverse plank works best for people with weak muscles. Start in a sitting position when extending the legs. Now place the palms behind shoulders. Once settled and comfortable, try moving your torso upwards and straighten back. You can straighten back and legs now. Try staying in this position for some time.

Swimming Prep

Begin by staying on flat on your belly and the legs apart with arms extended. Lift it off, alternate the leg and hand the same the same time at an angle of 45. Stay this way for some time. Repeat.


Out of workout routines, planking is among the most beneficial and easiest to get a stable core. Though, however easy it might seem, it is also among the toughest exercises. Planking can correct the posture if it is done properly. Lie on the belly and lift the body. Keep legs straight and try maintaining the neck in a stable position while looking at the floor.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Last but not least, cobra exercise is the best exercise for correcting the posture and cooling down the body. Begin by placing palms beside each side of the shoulders and gently lifting your chest up while looking directly at the ceiling.

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