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Five Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

Only a well-maintained commercial building will be able to retain its tenants. A commercial building has high-traffic. Therefore, it requires an excellent property management plan. The state of the building amenities should satisfy the tenant and customers who come to do business in the building. In this regard, a commercial building requires a professional preventive maintenance plan.

A professional maintenance service can help to keep your building structure and all its systems in a proper functioning state. Professional property managers conduct inspections every quarter. They will monitor the condition of the building and provide detailed evaluation reporters. Here are five areas that need to be on a routine maintenance program in a commercial building.

Commercial Building Maintenance

Maintain the Electrical and HVAC systems

All the electrical systems, HVAC, alarms, and smoke alarm systems should be in a working condition at all times. Extreme hot or cold climates mean that the HVAC system is working hard almost all year round. The cleaning, repair, and replacements of HVAC every six months will keep your building well ventilated. Also, ensure there is a good management plan for the inspection and the maintenance of other electrical systems and appliances.

Maintain the Toilet and Kitchen Systems

A commercial building is a high traffic area. As such, the sturdiest components in the market may not hold up for as long as in a residential building set-up. With this in mind, you should have the plumbing system inspected every quarter. Fix leaking pipes to prevent damages to other areas of your building. Inspection of the faucets in the toilet and kitchen should be done every quarter.

Conduct a Building Safety Audit Survey Every Six Months

Your building should be safe to exit in case of a fire emergency or burglary or any other emergency. Ensuring that all your emergency systems are functional is essential. You should never neglect the emergency systems in a building. Plan a thorough audit every four to six months. Check the lights in the emergency exit areas. Ensure the batteries in the emergency lighting systems are running, inspect the emergency doors too.

Hire Pest Extermination Services Once a Year

est control should be among your property's routine maintenance exercises. You should do preventive pest management because they can be controlled better during their early days. A professional pest exterminator company will make your commercial property pest-free. You can choose to do this during low business seasons or long extended holidays to avoid causing too many inconveniences to your tenants.

Hire Building Maintenance Services

Hire Building Maintenance Services

Since a commercial building is a high traffic area, the wear and tear are relatively high. It is especially so for the flooring system and toilets. Hiring annual property maintenance service will ensure that you take care of issues before they become big and lose tenants. By contracting the services of building maintenance companies, your commercial building will run professionally. The building maintenance company can carry out a comprehensive property audit once a year. A property audit will reveal areas that need repair, replacement, or improvement.